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Special Autumn Deer Rut Safaris

· See Exmoor’s wild Red Deer herds during the mating season when the majestic old stags on the moor will be defending their hinds against challengers.

· Outside of the rut these large Stags are hard find. During this period they are more visable if you know where to look…

· Learn about the Red Deer, their behaviour, their history, their management and their environment from someone who has lived on Exmoor all their life.

Travel in the comfort of a Land Rover Discovery 4 which has the legendary off road ability of a Land Rover combined with the comfort of a Luxury car. The D4 has good suspension giving a smooth ride compared to the Land Rover defender used by most other operators which has a tight suspension leading to a bouncy ride. Each passenger will have their own seat and these are more comfortable than those in the Defender.

Visibility is also much better than the Defender with large windows giving good views to all passengers. Our vehicle has air conditioning to ensure you have a pleasant trip even in adverse weather conditions. We only take a maximum of 6 passengers so you will not be cramped unlike other operators who will take more.

We view the wild Red Deer in their natural environment. They are very shy of humans, so sometimes we get close to them but often we are viewing from a distance with binoculars. As they are wild deer the amount of activity seen varies on each trip.

You must be able to walk at least half a mile over steep and uneven ground. We could be out of the vehicle for up to an hour so it is importnat to wear a good waterproof coat, hat and boots.



· Your guide will be Andrew Turner, a local Exmoor man who is Somerset born and bred. He is from a farming family who have lived on Exmoor for over 200 years. Andrew has a good knowledge of the deer and the local area which he will use to locate the herds. He will pass this knowledge on during the safari.
· Red Stag Deer Rut Safaris depart from Wheddon Cross starting at 7.15am.
·Deer Rut Safaris run during the Autumn, please contact for dates and availablity.
· Standard Safaris operate 7 days aweek all year round.
· Red Stag Deer Rut Safaris is licenced by the local council and fully insured.
· Price just £40 per person for the Deer Rut Safaris
· The standard Deer rut safari will last about 2.5 hours.
· Refer to our web site for further information and for details on our Standard Exmoor Safaris.
· Contact us for details on Deer Rut Safari dates, times and departure points and to book on 01643 841831.